Duplex Booster Close Coupled Pumps And Pressure Tank

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Furnish and install a model HBP-200-BT two pump water pressure booster system as designed and manufactured by Hydronic Modules Corporation.  System shall be capable of automatically providing a constant system pressure of __PSIG while supplying a flow rate of 0 to __gpm with a minimum suction pressure of __PSIG.  System shall automatically provide complete pump shut down during low flow conditions while maintaining constant system pressure.  Unit shall store a minimum of __gallons of usable water when the pumps are off.  The entire booster package shall be UL labeled as a system.

Pumps shall be constant speed close-coupled end suction type with mechanical seals, bronze shaft sleeve, and back pullout design with flanged suction and discharge connections.  Each pump shall be rated at __% of system design.  Pump shall have a continuously rising curve with a shut off of __ft/hd.

System shall include a __gallon precharged bladder type pressure tank with a replaceable bladder.  Vessel shall be ASME code and N.B. stamped for __PSIG.  Tank shall be furnished with pressure gauge and relief valve.

System pressure shall be maintained by a pilot operated diaphragm type pressure reducing valve.  Valve shall be flanged to facilitate servicing.  Valve shall be ductile iron, epoxy coated, bronze fitted with isolation cocks and an opening speed control.  A separate check valve shall also be furnished for each pump.  An adjustable pressure switch wired in series with a low flow switch shall monitor tank pressure and provide for on-off operation of the lead pump.

Pumps shall be sequenced by the use of a direct acting flow switch.  Switch housing shall be vapor proof and the paddle shall be stainless steel.  Switch set points shall be factory calibrated and verified through testing.


A self contained bronze non-electric temperature operated purge valve shall be provided. A by-pass line from each pump shall also be provided to the sensing bulb to prevent over heating of pump casings during periods of low flow.


Headers shall be (galvanized steel) or (type L copper) with flanged suction and discharge connections.  Each pump shall have a full port ball valve on the suction and discharge side.  A pressure gauge with snubber and shut off valve shall be provided on the suction header and on the discharge header.  Provision shall be made to drain the tank without disturbing any piping or shutting down the system.

Unit is to include a (Nema I) or (NEMA 12) control panel, UL labeled. The panel shall include:

The control panel shall also be provided with the following when required (Optional Items):

The following external protective devices shall be provided when provided (Optional Items):

All equipment shall be mounted on a structural steel frame completely piped and wired as shown on the drawings. The only field connections required shall be supply and discharge piping and the main power leads.

The unit shall be performance tested and adjusted to job specifications at the factory. Certification of this test shall be witnessed by the engineer with written certification to be supplied with unit. After testing and adjusting, the system shall be primed and then painted with a machine grade enamel paint.

The services of a factory trained representative shall be made available on the jobsite to check installation, perform start up, and instruct operating personnel.

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